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Team Belu specializes in social media content creation which includes professional photography, video production, and strategy to elevate your business or personal online presence.

Our Services

What we do

We can cover everything from private events, catering, photography, videography, video editing, and even apparel to market your brand.


We do event photography as well as event coordination to help you
create proper content.


We can help you with professional quality photography and videos
to help you reach your target audience.


We specialize in studio photography, lifestyle, events, products, and corporate headshots.

Video Editing

Our team produces quality video with professional editing to enhance your footage and elevate the quality of your posts.

Our Plan

Why we are different

Content Creator & Marketing Consultant


Belen has a degree in communications, and a background in radio and television, including as the Washington, DC correspondent for Telesur, an international South American network.

As a local radio show producer and personality, she gained popularity in the world of media in the DC Metro region, and has now transferred all of her knowledge to the social media market to help businesses, artists, and organizations elevate their content to a professional level.

Will  Campos Team Belu
multimedia director


Will Campos

Will has a degree in Art and a degree in Information Technology, combining the two to be the visual production and editing component of TeamBelu. In addition to that, he has over ten years of experience as a public speaker, press release writer, editor, and is also accent neutral both in English and in Spanish.

Digital Marketing Strategist and Account Manager


Adriana is the analytical and algorithm specialist for TeamBelu. She makes sure that your posts have the best impact with a strategy behind each one. She studied Marketing in El Salvador and she began her career in digital marketing by happenstance in 2009 when social media was just in its early stages.  She has since worked with major international corporations such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Wendy’s and Starbucks in El Salvador, designing digital campaigns and marketing strategies for them, and now she is available to enhance your social media presence with her expertise.

Visual Producer 


Jose Soto is passionate about photography and video with extensive experience creating visual content for a variety of projects. From weddings and events to portrait and publicity sessions, he specializes in capturing authentic and emotional moments that tell powerful stories.

With an exceptional ability to work with natural and artificial light, he uses his technical and creative expertise to create unique images and videos that highlight the distinctive qualities of each subject.

Digital Strategist


Meet Gabriela, the digital strategist at TeamBelu. She is responsible for leading digital strategies for brands and ensuring excellent execution. Gabriela studied Marketing in El Salvador and started her career in digital in 2013. She has worked with various industries such as food, banking, bitcoin, NGOs, telecommunications, retail, and cars. She also has experience working with international brands such as Canon, Wendy’s, Chevrolet, and Toyota. Gabriela has launched 360 campaigns for these brands and delivered outstanding results.

Together they provide their clients with over twenty years of knowledge in their fields in order to enhance their presence in the crucial business market of social media.

Discover the story of Team Belu and how her journey began.

From Our Clients

An awesome experience from start to finish. Very professional and fast. Provided a great product and didn’t require much time at all. You will be extremely pleased with your final product. Belu and Will are both amazing!!!!

Sean Kelley

I loved working with team Belu at the studio! The space is comfortable and they provide lights and background. Really look forward to working with the team again😊

Bravos Beauty

We couldn’t be happier with the work performed by TEAMBELU very impressed with the results in our Marketing campaigns. We will continue using their knowledge and strategies for our marketing needs..”

Prisma Professional Services Frinee Flores

Great team to work with. Belen & Will were energetic, engaging, patience and very professional. We love our office photoshoot.

Valeria Espinoza

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